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Chuzhou Zhong Chen household appliances Technology Co., Ltd.

  Chuzhou Zhongchen Home Appliances Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of a variety of household appliances equipment, molds company. Now the scope of business extends to refrigeration products, the main production products: condenser, compressor bracket, refrigerator bottom beam, drying filter, hood motor, power cord, etc. At the same time, we have multiple production bases.
  Our business direction is to provide one-stop service, customers want to build a new factory or expand their product line. Or you want to import equipment spare parts and materials refrigerators, freezers, upright display and water dispensers, or you want to establish a new production line, Chuzhou Zhongchen Home Appliances Technology Co., Ltd. will be your priority. In addition, Zhong Chen household appliances will also be your faithful purchasing agent. It has its own R & D center in China.