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How do you know the inside of the refrigerator?

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  What about the cracking of the refrigerator inner liner? Refrigerator is one of the necessary household appliances in everyone"s home, because often used so frequently there will always be a variety of problems, in the face of these problems we have to solve it, after the warranty is not worth repairing, we will take a look at the details below What"s the content?
The cracking of the refrigerator inner liner not only affects the appearance but also affects the insulation performance. Therefore, it needs to be repaired in time.
      The repairing method is: Cut some old ABS plastic into pieces, put it into acetone, mix it into a paste solution at the ratio of 1:1, then grind the crack of the inner gallbladder with fine sandpaper, clean it up, cover it with a small brush and spread it evenly on the crack, and it can be solidified in about 10 minutes. The repaired place is quite solid. If it is repaired carefully, it will not see the trace of repair. If the crack is large, you can use scissors to cut a slice of ABS plastic slightly larger than the crack, apply acetone on one side, and then brush around the crack with a layer of acetone, wait for more than half a minute. Cover the cracks with plastic and solidify in 10 minutes.

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