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Vacuum forming equipment

Vacuum suction plastic single station molding equipment for refrigerator box

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Product description and main parameters:
The single-station vacuum forming machine is composed of heating and forming parts. It is mainly used for vacuum adsorption molding of refrigerator door and box. The equipment is controlled by PLC and operated by touch screen. It can control each heating temperature zone point by point, and adopts hydraulic proportional control technology to make the equipment run more smoothly.
Processes: manual feeding, automatic pressing, heating, blowing, forming, cooling and manual reclaiming.
The equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation, and suitable for large products forming.
General technical performance parameters (Note: customers have special process requirements, can be customized according to needs).
Molding area: 1800mm*800mm
Forming depth: 650mm
Heating power: ~126Kw
Total capacity: ~176Kw (380V, 50Hz)
Molding method: punch and die forming
Tempo: box gallbladder is less than 170 seconds / mold, door bladder is less than 60 seconds / mold (excluding manual loading and unloading time).
Compressed air source: 2 "(0.5Mpa~0.65Mpa)
Water source: 6T/H (industrial water)
Product materials: ABS, HIPS, PS

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